Awesome Wedding Ideas

Herein shall lie images, thoughts, and endless rambling discussions betwixt Rachel (thepaisleyelf) THE BRIDE TO BE, Liz (scrumtrulescent) and Cheri (enchantedengland); all of whom are ADD, Tumblr and decor addicted, bossy, talkative, and irresistible. It is because we are Smedley women.
Please send any ideas images or url's of wedding blogs which may relate to: Gypsy, Bohemian, Nerd, Geek, ADD, Star Trek, LOTR, Supernatural, Harry Potter, Fire, Weirdness, etc to our Ask Box and they shall be greatly appreciated. Oh, and the photo is Cheri and Rachel in a tree, because we like to do these things. Liz took the picture because she does not like to be photographed nor climb trees. She is the Sensible One amongst the three of us. I am the eldest and bossiest, and that is why I am starting the blog.
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